This biography comes from MGSV:TPP The Complete Official Guide by Piggyback.
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Revolver Ocelot


Real Name: Adamska
Also Known As: ADAM, Shalashaska, Liquid Ocelot
Affiliations: The Philosophers, NSA, CIA, KGB, GRU, The Patriots, Diamond Dogs, FOXHOUND, Sons of Big Boss, Gurlukobich Mercenaries, Sons of Liberty, Outer Heaven
Notable Relationships: The Boss [mother],The Sorrow [father]

The son of The Boss, Ocelot was an intergral part of the conspiracy that returned The Philosophers' Legacy to the United States in the aftermath of Operation Snake Eater in 1964. A founding member of Cipher in 1970, he eventually became disillusioned with the organization's gradual drift away from it's original ideals, particularly after the departure of Big Boss in 1972. Though still intermittently acting as a Cipher, and later Patriots, agent, he eventually dedicated his life to their destruction.

During the Shadow Moses Incident in 2005, Ocelot used Liquid to retrieve test data from Metal Gear REX in order to deliver it to Solidus (the third Big Boss clone, and the United States president) while still technically servering the interests of The Patriots, but in fact manipulating all parties involved. Losing his right arm during a confrontation with Snake, he replaced it later with the equivalent limb from the body of the late Liquid.

During the Big Shell Incident in 2009, Ocelot again concealed his true intentions from his enemies, allies and Patriot masters alike through a series of audacious deceptions. His principle innovation was to periodically assume the identity of Liquid, as if somehow possessed by the dead clone's arm. The Patriots, though alarmed by such behavior, at no point doubted his integrity when he returned to his Ocelot persona -- a glitch that he had anticipated.

Eventually adopting the full-time persona of "Liquid Ocelot", thus severing his ties with The Patriots, Ocelot feigned a desire to create a world of lawless freedom (much like Big Boss before him) as a foil to hide his true objective: the end of the digital tyranny that Zero created. As he knew that systems established by The Patriots were unassailable by means of a direct assault, he endeavored to destroy them with the one person they would least suspect: Solid Snake, their own agent. His behavior in Metal Gear Solid 4, then, was a devious, elaborate ploy to drive Snake towards an eventual goal of disabling the Patriots' A.I. network with a computer virus.

Having achieved his aims, he engaged Snake in brutal hand-to-hand combat, perhaps relishing on last opportunity to test his prowess against the progeny of his great friend and idol, Big Boss - but more importantly choosing death and, you sense, peace as his reward for ushering in a new era.
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To all intents and purposes, Liquid Ocelot and Ocelot were the very same person. In a performance of superlative quality, augmented by advanced psychotherapy techniques, hypnotherapy and nanomachines -- a process inspired, perhaps, by a similar method used to create a "phantom" Big Boss to hide the real man during the 1980s -- Ocelot used his fake Liquid Ocelot persona to disguise his true intentions from The Patriots.

The quite flawless arm appropriated from the deceased Liquid Snake was, its original owner would have been horrified to learn, no more than a convenient prop.