4/12/22 - big boss's bio done!
4/10/22 - ok NOW onto everything else, first up - characters! which .. is going to take FOREVER lmao
3/30/22 - finished the homepage, win!! ..now onto everything else
3/29/22 - started working on the site! lets get this goingggg


Welcome to Metal Gear Lore, this site contains background for each game, major character, and the comeplete timeline of Hideo Kojima's series Metal Gear. You can also find an abundance of official Metal Gear art and an archive of merchandise in the "Gallery" tab.

Why do this when there's a perfectly good fandom wiki up and running?
Simple! I'm a huge fan of the games and have been for a few years now. (Since Dec of 2020) There hasn't been a day since where I didn't think about the story and the characters of this series at least once.
Also because I wanted to try my hand at coding a site all my own! This is my first actual time doing that so if there's anything wonky - my bad! I'm learning haha.

As of right now the site is a HUGE work in progress. Nonetheless I hope you enjoy exploring it!